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  • The color chart has been scanned from an actual color chip chart that is available from Super-Tek dealers. We suggest that you obtain an actual chart from your local dealer before making a final color decision. Actual grout colors will vary from our samples due to installation techniques, mixing (amount of liquid), and normal color variation in materials. In order to maintain consistent color on any grouting job, you should always obtain all of your grout from the same production/color lot, and take care to mix, install, and cure it all in a uniform manner.

    Please take note that the colors you see here are the product of your computer's video card, the settings of your monitor, your software, and other variables. This means that the colors you see here may not match the true colors of our grouts, but we hope they will give you some idea of the range of colors which we do supply, in addition to custom colors that are often available.

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